A great team with all the means

When experience and innovation come together

Thanks to the concern of a group of young, dynamic people with extensive experience in the metal recovery sector AERORECYCLING INTERNATIONAL emerged. The company is born and continues with the firm conviction of becoming one of the main recuperators of Spain at the same time with the capacity to offer competitive solutions in any part of the world and where our clients demand it.

Mission: To cover the needs of its customers and meet the requirements of each one of them in terms of material characteristics and delivery in terms of time.

Vision: We want to be a reliable supplier for all our clients, knowing the materials we sell, taking care of the aspects of the service and maintaining a personal, correct and kind treatment.

Values: Service, trust, honesty, commitment, efficiency, innovation

AERORECYCLING INTERNATIONAL has a team of highly qualified professionals in the design of specific solutions adapted to each client. The team is made up of people who have many years of experience, certified and trained in each of the jobs they develop for all of the company’s production processes and aimed at offering the best of themselves, always working effectively to offer maximum profitability to our customers.

One of the keys to be differential and be a high added value option for our customers is to have the solvency and ability to respond quickly and effectively to the most demanding requirements. We have all our own means, facilities, machinery and technology to develop all the services with the greatest possible efficiency.

Expansion, solvency and capacity

Grow means to differentiate and provide more added value

In AERORECYCLING INTERNATIONAL, we have strived to strengthen our expansion international presence in the main countries of Europe, Asia and   the center and south from America. Distance is not a problem and we will be where our clients ask us to be.

Understanding the current market situation, we decided to differentiate ourselves from our closest competition and signed long – term contracts with some of the most important companies in Spain in the aeronautical sector. A sector of maximum demand where, through the recovery in the plants in situ of our customers and the reincorporation of materials in the production process, we have managed to provide maximum profitability and cost reduction in production processes.

More than 15,000 m2 distributed in several production centers with all the means to offer you solutions wherever you need it. We work in the markets of the five continents responding quickly and efficiently to the most demanding requirements.

A solid foundation to respond quickly and effectively to the most demanding requirements. We have all our own means, facilities, machinery and technology to offer the highest quality, reliability and guarantees in all materials.

Why choose us? The service as an axis

We offer 360º solutions

Since AERORECYCLING INTERNATIONAL it was founded, the trajectory of the company has always been ascending and it has had a clear path: to move towards an integral service oriented to the clients.

We acquire industrial waste and optimize to the maximum the valorisation of its qualities and contents. Profitability and efficiency always oriented to the client. A highly qualified team with all the means where experience and innovation come together.

Always offer the best possible service in all its facets: involvement, speed of response and delivery, increasing your productive profitability.

Dimension focused on offering our customers a solution as global as possible to their material needs, for which we have been continuously enriching the range of products and solutions we offer.

Dimension that seeks to carry out our activity from integrity towards our clients, as well as towards our environment.