Technology based on the projection of dry ice pellets at high speeds. With this process, carried out at low temperatures, the dirt layer breaks and falls off.Dry ice penetrates the layer and passes directly from the solid state to the gaseous state.

The fields of application are multiple:automotive industry, fiberglass molds, manufacturing industry, heavy machinery, bakeries, conveyors, welding tables, robot cleaning, etc.

  • Completely dry process 
  • Not toxic. 
  • No driver of electricity. 
  • It is not abrasive. 
  • It does not use chemical agents. 
  • It does not leave residues. There are no secondary debris.  The only rubble is the dirt that has dissolved. 
  • Environmentally safe, effective and versatile. 

 of lathes 

 Depending on whether you work with refrigerant, the recovery of the bath is carried out, replaced with a new one or the machine is delivered perfectly greased (if has no refrigerant) to avoid oxidation. 

The operators of AERORECYCLING INTERNATIONAL remove from the machine all the waste that appears in it, getting to disassemble the parts of it that were necessary to carry out a complete cleaning and to be able to deliver the machine completely clean.

  • Better performance of the machine.    Productive optimization 
  • Reduction of faults and problems of operation. 


Bactericide added to the different bathrooms to adjust the levels of fungi and bacteria. 

The operators of AERORECYCLING INTERNATIONAL analyze and periodically add the bactericidal substances to the baths to maintain the levels of fungi and bacteria in the machinery at normal and constant levels.

  • Better performance of the machine.  
  • Reduction of breakdowns and operational problems due to oxidation and accumulation of mushrooms and bacteria.

Control of water
and oil moisture

  • Control of percentages and adjustments. At the time of performing the centrifugation of the water and oil moisture before having access to the refractometry table, the AERORECYCLING staff INTERNATIONAL realiza makes adjustments to its concentration so that the working conditions are optimal.

 of circuits 

  • Analysis and previous study.  A study and analysis of the installation is carried out to offer the most appropriate and effective treatment and product,.

  • Cleaning and descaling of all types of circuits;    refrigeration, cold groups, etc.

of hydraulic groups

  • Process carried out by microfiltration of the oil even without stopping production 

  • Multiple advantages that guarantee the optimal cleaning of the circuit, its performance and increase in the useful life 

  • Cleaning of the entire hydraulic circuit. 
  • Removal of solid particles up to 0.5 microns and from moisture of the oils. 
  • Maintenance the characteristics of the product and its continuous production. 
  • Reduction of system disturbances, wear and failures . 
  • Delay of the aging of the fluid since with the micro filtration the majority of the pollutants with abrasive and catalytic effect (particles and water) are eliminated from the oil. 

Cleaning of pits,
gutters and vats 

  • All types of pit or industrial gutter 

  • Cleaning of large tanks (cooling, quenching, washing, etc.) 

  • Specific processes according to type of tank or pit    get the best result. 

  • Own means and tight deadlines to hinder as little as possible the production process. 


  • Tailored solutions for all types of companies and industrial facilities. 

  • All kinds of jobs. Regular or special maintenance of cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing, glass cleaning, polishing pavements, office cleaning and all kinds of cleanings that your company needs. 

  • Professionalism, total adaptation to needs and our own staff and specialized media to achieve the best result. 

Cleaning of
central filtration 

  • Cleaning in oil plants or water and oil moisture with own means and trained personnel.  

  • Integral process. Emptying of the tank, removal of all the sludge, cleaning of the filtering media (spark plugs, magnetic filters, continuous paper, etc.), removal of waste and management or recovery. 

  • A suit made to measure cleanings   industrial so thatyou just worry about your production and you can KEEP your FACILITIES and MACHINERY IN PERFECT CONDITION